Friday, December 20, 2013

Time to share

Getting ready for the holidays!!
Here in Breckenridge, a small town in Colorado, the snow is coming down and it's starting to look like Christmas!!
This town is just so cute!! Winterland!!

This time of the year I will be working so much!! Lots of tourist filling the slopes during the day and the streets at night. It's not so bad, after 8 years I really really hope the holidays don't make me sad because I am so far away from my family. 
Really! Every year, at midnight I just get that weird knot in my through, Xmas use to be a big deal for me... Family together lots of memories, food and opening presents at midnight!!! (The peruvian tradition). 

Ok ok! You will think "but how about your new family!" Oh yeah!! :D I will make time to get our Xmas :D!! And yeah!! I will make new memories!! Lets be positive C'mon!! We just work different schedules, but I will make it special somehow, I promise!

So, with that said!
I hope you all have a Feliz Navidad!! and enjoy your family like I wish to do with mine!! Cherish every second! It's all fun!! 


Love to you all!!

Alicia {SpicyHeart}

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Lost ones

It's been a while since someone introduced me to "The Doors". I got hooked!! 
Their music definitively was part of my life soundtrack during my late teens.... aaaand, of course, I had a crush on Jim! He was wiiiilllldddd!!! 
Today he would of turn 70 years old.... Happy birthday King Lizard! 
Crazy life he had, hey! He enjoyed to the fullest. We were lucky he left great records and some poems.
Someday I'll visit you in France ;)

I am not gonna lie, it took a while until I really got to learn more about this guy, John Lennon, but when I found him it touch my soul. I just think I avoid it... Don't ask me why because I really don't know myself. 
It's a sad day. 
Today some insane person decided he had to finish the life of such an icon.
....But his legacy will transcend! Not just because of his music but also because he was a rebel with a great cause!! Peace for the world! It may sound utopic.... But just "IMAGINE"

RIP guys.

<< A L I C I A >>

Saturday, December 7, 2013

You can call me BRAVE

I have to let you know that things are getting better!!! Yay!!! 
Feeling very proud of myself for keep up with "SpicyHeart".... Seriously before we met, my goals were always just not fulfill.... I mean, either I though I wasn't good enough or I just got discourage or maybe was scared to fail.
Wow!! Yeah I am accepting I am not perfect.... and right now I am taking a risk, I am following my heart and jumping in this new adventure. I am being brave!

Hey! If you are still reading this, let me thank you :)! Really, welcome to my little world.

"My life is walking the line that I colored in my world" {remember that little girl and the pink world?... ;)}

Well, so far Spicyheart is growing :) and I can stop sketching new ideas :D

I just wanted to share this little compilation of my beauties ^^

Follow your dreams!!

Alicia {SpicyHeart}

Friday, December 6, 2013

Winter MY Paradise


"It's the most wonderful time of the year"
🎶 in Breck!!

Winter is here, the temperature is below cero!! Wuhuuuu!!! and the holidays are around the corner!!!

I've always love the holidays ;) maybe because they all come after the big celebration: My bday ;).... 
Yeah that was last month =P and I turned 28..... Aaaaahhhh!!! I am almost 30, unbelievable!!!

Once upon a time this little girl had so many dreams in this pink beautiful world. She always thought about her future and how she just wanted to get there and grow up and live to the fullest.
Life finally showed up and her world wasnt pink anymore. It was not how she planned.
But later she grabbed her own box of colors and she learned how to paint her world however she wanted it :) and fill her present with all the colors posible!!
Now she doesn't worry about the future anymore and enjoys her awesome now! {with you Joey}

;) te amo

Stay warm everybody ^^

Alicia {SpicyHeart}

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Family Time

Joey and I just got back from New Hampshire :D. We went to celebrate thanksgiving with his family :) and brought Snoop with us. I really enjoyed it and it was a necessary break from life.
I had too much going on lately and this trip helped clear mind.

Here few pics of that trip!

I catched one pretty and intact leaf! I believe it was from a Maple tree.
There they actually get red during the fall, unlike Aspens that turn very bright yellow.
The weather was cold and Snoop still enjoyed his walks, my father in law loved taking him around :)

[Roadtrip] For Thanksgiving we went to Glenn's (brother-in-law) house in Charlestown, NH. We drove from Nashua to meet Joey's parents there. It was really nice and the food was yummy :) oh!! and the pies were the besssst part ^^

Something that I will never get over is the architecture! Those old buildings and churches.

One week of fun!
Of course we went out and party a little ;) and I went shoppingggg!!!

On the way back, we got a 5 hour delay.... Ahhhh Snoop was not stoked, but Joey called the airline and they comped us refunding the "dog in the cabin" fee ($125) yeah! Phew!!
Snoop got a little souvenir "Boston" the lobster! =D He is so gentle with this toy, I think he really likes it.

What a week!
Lots of fun moments!
Traveling with my kukis was awesome!!

Now back to the winter season and this tourist town :)
Can't wait to snowboard!!!

Stay Positive!

Alicia {SpicyHeart}

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Jumping back on THE horse!

I'm just saying...
My horse was parked behind because mi mind wanted to peek on other level.... But seems like I'm back on the horse and the original path is gonna continue its course.

I am trying something new!!!!
I can't tell u details because I am not sure if is a deal deal. I just put the cards on the table and hoped for the best!!

{great plans for my Spicyheart}

I've been finishing up my chakanas!!
Here a sneak peak ^^
Handcut and finishing up with some filing to make me smooth and prettier!
I got some sketches for new pieces for my Inka Bohemian Collection!!! Very exciting new jewelry!!!!

Thank god my horse did not run away!
I am back, are u ready for more!!!

C ya!

Alicia {SPICYheart}

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sweet Dreams

Hi, it's been a while....
I got a little distracted with work/work/marriage!
Finally, today I came back from my rainbow and hit ground.... Maybe a little to hard.

Life can be so hard on you sometimes.... Lift you so high to let you drop and follow the power of gravity.... And this time was the hardest one.

Maybe this dream of mine is not meant to skip few steps in my "list of dreams" in life....
Maybe I wasn't ready....
Or maybe is part of a plan....

The truth is I am empty.
And I hope to get this emptiness filled with the love that surrounds me. Because there is so much love around me. I'm lucky for that.

Sorry if I don't specified what happened but I need to spill out what's going true my mind. If you really read this or follow my Instagram you can tell this week I've been absent... I hope to get myself back to normal back to the routine.... Maybe this taught me something. I want to believe I can get something good from this pain.

Time always heals but memory is a deep scar. I have to learn to live with it. Your wings will protect me.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Spanish post

Pensar que uno de tus amigos no esta más en este mundo duele....
Pensar que el resto tiene otra oportunidad...
Eso me hace feliz!
Tqm Gianqui!
QDEP mi chatito con la mejor sonrisa!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Be Free Follow Your Journey

"For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others."
-Nelson Mandela

"Free the birds" asymmetrical earrings that come with a little store.

If you will like to purchase a pair of earrings like this, stop by my etsy shop.

When I designed this pair I had in mind freedom and the journey of my friend.

I met Ruben around 2002. He is a very interesting character and full of life. Super friendly and involved with the nature.
My friend Ruben loved to practice the art of Cetrería, in english is called Falconry or Hawking. This means raising birds of prey to hunt in their "natural environment". Basically he kept them tied by a rope so they wont escape and teach the to catch their own prey. Later they will be without a rope and listen to commands.

On my recent trip to Peru, I visited Chiclayo my city of birth! Ruben and I got to hang out and catch up with our far apart crazy lifes!! We haven't seen each other in years. But kept in touch online which is not the same.... Sometimes online conversations can be so vague.
So, he told me about this new journey of his. He realized he love the birds so much that it was so unfair to keep them in his house as pets. He realized the were   wild animals and they should be FREE!!  [like him I believe ;)]. And HE did free the birds!!

At the end of my visit to Chiclayo, he came to the terminal. I was taking a bus back to Lima. He brought a box with him and gave it to me saying "this is the last part of my release, in this box I have all the feather I collected naturally from the birds, I want you to have them and make something nice because you can". 
I was the happiest girl in the world!! Feather that ment something! That's the best souvenir from my trip!!

Aaaand that why creating this pair reminds me of this event. I am very grateful for Ruben and the path his life is taking. I am also grateful for our friendship :) he really rocks!! I consider him oneof my best friends. It doesn't matter that we live in different hemispheres. When we get together is like I saw him the day before. Friendship like that is eternally cherish!

Phew! This turn out to be a big post! 
Here is a pic of Ruben back in the day.

The lesson for me is that you pick your path in this world. Believe and follow what you truly feel. You got one chance to make your life worth something for yourself!

Enjoy life!

Alicia {Spicyheart}

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bring back the Tornasol mood!

        Sometimes I have the urge of getting some paper and draw what comes to my mind. I got this arrowhead with a tribal vibe. Man!! I need to make some time for more of this stuff in my life!

I happen to stumble upon and old blog, the one from the teenage times... Wow... It was very shocking to read and realize that sweet and very young girl full of energy and creativity was almost gone....
She "stayed in Peru" when I moved to the states in 2005.... But thanks to my internal soul searching I got to reconnect with her and bring back my roots my original self. 

Life can try to alienate you. Make you part of the mass.... But you have the power of realizing it and of your path goes against the current.... Well stay strong and pull as hard as you can.

Later Spicyheart pop-up on my mind and look what i found, the infinit symbol is there. Some now refer as YOLO {You only live once}. That give me a great idea for a new collection!!! So much that can be created. This is just the beginning!!!

I've been designing new wirejewelry that i hope to get ready for the end of the month. As well as more inkabohemian necklaces and the realease of "The Chakana" necklace (continuing with the Inka Collection).

Enjoy life
Sing a song
Jump in a new journey
Keep moving
Find Yourself
Re-find Yourself
Come back Tornasol!

Buenas Vibras!

Alicia {Spicyheart}

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Almost Etsy


My etsy shop is almost up and running, slowly I will add new items. I am really excited about new an cool ways to display my jewelry, something that express who I am!! So my pics are getting a cool Spicyheart vibe!!

So far, there is two items: The Fairy Swirl earrings and The Inka Bohemian necklace!!!

I'm on a focus mode! Letting my dreams and projects follow their course!

The most important!! The link:

Stop by ;)

Great vibes!!

Alicia {SpicyHeart}

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Wine and Spicyheart

Last Wednesday August 28th, we gathered in a showroom/trunk show that I organized myself!
The location was at my neighbors appartment :) who gladly agree to let me use it while he was enjoying Aspen :).

At 6 o'clock the girls start to show up. Man! It was fun! Having people over and get to show them what I Love the most (after Joey and Snoop, of course) was very very heart filling. Specially, getting to hear what they think of my pieces. 

The Spicyheart party lasted for 4 hours. A bunch of people stopped by :). I sold a lot of jewelry!! 

The new Inka Bohemian Collection of necklaces was a hit!! The unique patterns had lots of compliments.
Hey! I am embracing my culture ;).
The other collection of Southwestern Inspire did well, I had a few necklaces with thunderbirds and carved bone beads from Santa Fe and arrows as well.

I hope to make more parties like this one. Great friends, great vibes!

After all, the  money that I collected that night was all donated for my uncle who suffer a bad accident and remains in a clinic slowly recuperating. Te quiero mucho tío Victor :).

BTW it was Magaly's Bday!! Happy Bday girl!! I know we don't live in the same city but I hope u had a great time ;)

Friday, August 16, 2013

Inka Bohemian

Finally is here!! This is my new collection of jewelry!!
After having a huge inspiration on the Native American art that lots of artist create HERE in Usa.... I got it!!
I am Peruvian! I have a huge ancient civilization that is a great inspiration to follow. Why not try to discover that side of me??
I am taking this new idea and I will go crazy creative with their mistical world!
I really hope you enjoy it and, if you can, purchase a piece :) while learning a bit about this culture.

The necklaces are made with selected textiles handwoven in Peru by the native mountain people of Cuzco, and set in a brass bezel.


This is a chakana necklace.
The chakana is the Sacred Andes Cross and has a lot of meanings in the inka mythology.
Some studies describes it as a calendar where each step represents each month. The cross shape is also related to the cardinal directions and the seasons.
Although these are some of the most common meanings attributed to the symbol, there are some who consider it to be far more mystical in origin. 
The native people of Peru believe that the symbol has mathematical and geometrical importance and carries the Incan understanding of the secret of life.

This is my first piece and I only saw the outside shape. Later you will find a circle in the center and I will tell you more about it ;).

Here is my jewelry display in Mountain Style (Breckenridge, CO)

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Reporting from Perú

Since is not that easy for me yo get WiFi, this blogging about my trip hasnt been like I expected.
So far....
Joey and I got to Lima, the capital of Perú around midnight. We party and socialized since we landed in Perú :/. During the day we visited my family. At night time we went to different places. My brother was in charge of showing us around. Partyyyy!!! Hehe....
We drank delicious Peruvian cocktails made with Pisco, a distillate of grapes. Very yummy!!!

Saturday we jump into a plane and flew to Cusco!! The Peruvian Mountains in the Cordillera de Los Andes.

My friend Hayley lives here and is the best! She helped a lot on planing this trip and getting the best deals ;)

We went Rafting on the Vilcanota River! It was class 3 so nothing too scary ;).
We visited the ruins close to Cuzco: Q'enko, PucaPucará, Tambo Machay and Sacsayhuaman. During the last trip we got rain on. But! We were almost done.
Unfortunately Joey felt a little sick so we went home so he can rest.

{this was written in Perú! I am back in Colorado but I'll continue with details of our trip and some pics!}

Thursday, May 2, 2013


Aaaaand the countdown is ON!
6 days for Perú! Can't wait to visit my baby nephew Sebas, the family and lots of friends!

The plan is to land in Lima on May 8th
Spend two days in the city and fly to Cuzco during the morning of May 11th.

My friend Hayley (from Oregon) lives in that wonderful place, so we will spend out weekends with her!! It happens that May 12 is her bdayyyyy!!! So we will celebrate!!!
Another friend of mine from another country will join us!!! Sabrina is also going to Cuzco. Huge coincidence!!
Both this gorgeous ladies I met here in Breckenridge :) different years.

Joey and I are very very excited!!
I will try to write about our trip here :) and post some pics on Instagram as well!!

Today the sun came out!!! After a crazy snow storm yesterday.... I got a pic of Monday. Snoop is rocking his new haircut by me ;) and Yesterday (Wednesday) of all the snow we got that day =S.

Take care!
Good vibes!

Alicia {Spicyheart}

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Snow Snow Snow!!

Spring is not here :/ I'm very over with the white stuff..... Cuz I don't get to play in it.... The season is overrrrrrr!!!!

Two more weeks for our trip to Peruuuuu!!! South America get ready!!!
We are very excited to visit my hometown Lima to see my baby naphew that is only 6 days old!!! Later we will fly to Cuzco for some tourist timeeeee {{MachuPicchu}} and then the city where I was born Chiclayo :) where I have some family also.

So lets just be patient....

Work is very slow this time of the year.... BUT there is always something to do like place the orders for the summerrrrrr. I work in a biiiig souvenir shop and this is the perfect time to restock the shelves! when the tourist are gone... and Breckenridge is a ghost town.

In the mean time I will play with my beads, arrowheads and wireee!!! Lets get crafty!!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Looking for bigger things...

My word of the year is "Growing"
This tells part of why I picked this word:

Once someone told me when I was taking some art classes:

"Don't only focus on drawing on tiny canvases, Don't be afraid of big, try it.... You will be surprise of what you acomplish"

I think all my life I've been afraid of big things! And my art was limited because of that too....

Growing up was not easy.....
So much happened in my life...
Now that I'm a big girl I understand why? Life is all about that! Pushing for the big things!!

Did you ask yourself growing up... Why me!??
I was always told "This only happened to you because you are tough enough to push hard and overcome the situation"...... Well it was not easy!

I am who I am because of all the pushing! myself, my family, my dreams! they are all finally coming together!!!

At the beginning I admit i lost it. My path was unknown, forgotten.... I lost myself and I didn't know who i was anymore. My dreams were shuttered by myself, even that I blamed others.... I didn't listen to anybody. I was a "rebel" even with my old buried dreams. I didn't caaaare..... Life went on without path... Just work to survive, to keep you alive but not to "grow"..... That I called a dark time with myself. Until someone came and slowly brought me back! And the spark gave me a real reason to leave that stupid routine... I married that guy :)

The storm is over!
This girl is strong and ready to take over this world. I am now pushing myself.
Life teaches you so much!!
It makes you strong!!
It gives you the tools to go Big!!

So.... After all this :) here I am going big and trying something I thought I wouldn't even try....
SpicyHeart is making new BIG things!! Expanding and Growing with a collection of necklaces. I love making earrings and will keep making them but I am following what my teacher said and I will "try the big canvas". Lets see together what I will accomplish....

Like my Facebook page:

Also my Etsy Shop!

Here some pics ;)
Let me know what do you think ;)

Friday, April 12, 2013

The swirly tulip.

Another day at work!
Woke up to a lot of snow!!! But headed to work and not the slopes =(.
Sunday is all over....
No more mountain and awesome snowboarding.... (A deep breath)

So! Here I got some beautiful new pieces of jewelry! Yes! I've been twisting and pounding wire and the different color tulips are hanging looking cute :). Let me know what do you think???

Oh yeah! If you want to see more pics of the Colorado life just go and check my Instagram (I'm kind of addicted to it) @spicyheart

Great vibes!

Alicia {spicyheart}

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Trying to keep up with blogging

Hi! Is been a good winter! The tourist are finally gone and working on retail is not very fun right now.... Seriously!! 8 hours and I only get to see 2 or 3 ppl per hour!!! If it wasn't for my IPod I will shoot myself!

So what's new!?
I joined the Apothecary Circle!! To be honest I did not expected to find so many ladies interested in the same stuff that I like!! Ok ok... I am not so big on healthy food but, Hey! I am trying!! Is all a about the first step! And I am in it to win some knowledge and get to meet new ppl!!!

Joey and I are planing a trip to Peru!!! So, may 7th we are flying to Miami and then Lima. Can't wait!!! I am very excited to show him where I grow up and my family and friends! This trip is definitely getting us closer. Not that we aren't! But he can understand more a out me and that psyches me!! There will be tones of pics!! We will also go to some touristy activities!! Machu Picchu is on the list!

My nephew Sebastian should be born in the next couple if weeks!!!! We are waiting for him with lots of love!!! My first nephew!! How awesome!!! I can't waitttt!!! Apparently I will be her godmother!!! Well, I am her only close aunt =P.

Oh well that's a good post for now!
I will keep it up. Promise!

Great vibes!