Friday, August 16, 2013

Inka Bohemian

Finally is here!! This is my new collection of jewelry!!
After having a huge inspiration on the Native American art that lots of artist create HERE in Usa.... I got it!!
I am Peruvian! I have a huge ancient civilization that is a great inspiration to follow. Why not try to discover that side of me??
I am taking this new idea and I will go crazy creative with their mistical world!
I really hope you enjoy it and, if you can, purchase a piece :) while learning a bit about this culture.

The necklaces are made with selected textiles handwoven in Peru by the native mountain people of Cuzco, and set in a brass bezel.


This is a chakana necklace.
The chakana is the Sacred Andes Cross and has a lot of meanings in the inka mythology.
Some studies describes it as a calendar where each step represents each month. The cross shape is also related to the cardinal directions and the seasons.
Although these are some of the most common meanings attributed to the symbol, there are some who consider it to be far more mystical in origin. 
The native people of Peru believe that the symbol has mathematical and geometrical importance and carries the Incan understanding of the secret of life.

This is my first piece and I only saw the outside shape. Later you will find a circle in the center and I will tell you more about it ;).

Here is my jewelry display in Mountain Style (Breckenridge, CO)

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