Saturday, November 1, 2014

New Home!!

On August 25th we moved to our new home. We are still in Breckenridge, CO.... Just not right in downtown or five minutes from the chairlift anymore... :/
Since then we welcomed Santi to our lifes.... our first child (there will be a post about the miracle of birth).

Santiago was born on September 23rd and we were release from the hospital on the 25th. The apartment was ready for him to join us!! Life feels surreal. I have a baby!!!

So! being a stay at home mom is not so bad.... I keep my mind positive and I really enjoy taking care of my baby... all day... Diapers, breastfeeding, more diapers!! :D Its all part of the fun!! :D 
But someday I have to go back to work :( I am enjoying every second of this!!

Slowly I've been getting the apartment to feel like home. I believe when you move to a new place.... It feels empty... Duh! I know is literally empty... What I am trying to say is that this feeling of emptyness is because there is no memories yet. I am recovering from a bittersweet situation, as it was leaving the last place. It felt like closing a chapter in my life...

But this new chapter is an amazing one. We own this new home!! And we will create new and amazing memories.

I will start by enjoying decorating every corner :).
I love vintage and chic style mixed with a hint of bohemian.

Life is good,

Alicia { S p i c y H e a r t }

Thursday, October 30, 2014

A little seed...

Just a little something that I found... 

To be successful, think of yourself as successful. Then act on your positive thoughts. The biggest difference between sloppy incompetence and brilliant excellence is in your attitude. Truly respect yourself and the work you're doing, and that work will bring results of great value. Your choices determine the direction your life goes. Act boldly on your positive thoughts, and be the success you envision.

~ unknown

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Pregnancy Photoshoot

And the day is almost here!

I could not just let this part of my life go away without proof of how good I feel. I believe it shows. My pregnancy went pretty smooth.

I am so happy and ready for this new subject in my life. A new member of the family is coming very very soon. Only 4 more days :).

It's fall here in the mountains and the foliage of the Aspens show a beautiful bright yellow. What a perfect location!! Boreas Pass looks amazing this time of the year.


Alicia {SpicyHeart}

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Making it happen

When you want things to happen you better start moving. Nothing will come to you if you just dream. 
So that said, I AM WORKING!! Yes yes!! Finally focusing on my Etsy shop!
I will add items slowly so you can shop my Spicyheart Collection, which will come with a lot of bohemian style, some inka inspiration and for sure unique pieces to adorn yourself!

I'm ready for this new step,
I am ready to turn my dreams into reality!!

Here a hint of my latest work :)

What do you think!? :D

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

There is a bun in my oven!

And all of a sudden life is about to change and all that I wished for is starting to take place.

I am 21 weeks and 5 days pregnant, expecting a baby boy :)!!
I have the best husband I could ever ask for, really! he is the most amazing person in my world for multiple reasons.... and we are going to be parents!!!! Ahhhhh can't wait for the day we can hold our baby!! OUR piece of heaven!! 
(Right now he is moving so much in my belly! I enjoy every time I feel him :D)

Life is now!
Life is awesome!!
I don't care if u wake us up in the middle of the night {multiple times}... [Hey!! I know what I sign for ;)]
I'm living my present
and dreaming of the future with you.

"My cosito bello" 
Te amo Te amo!!

Keep the positive spice!


Saturday, May 10, 2014

Peru trip 2014

April 21


I'm very happy to be here.
Wish Joey was here enjoying the nice weather an delicious food!!
So far it's been great hanging with my family :) we are always joking around and laughing with each other or at each other!! Fun times!!
Besides that I visit few friends, it's very hard to get together this time of the year. Eastern week in Peru means a 4 day break, most of the people here take that time to go away from the city.... 
Tomorrow I will be flying to Chiclayo.
I will continue to enjoy the best food in the world!! Hopefully is sunnier than here in Lima (summer is pretty much over)

April 21-24

Chiclayo was the best!!
My dad cooked couple of ducks from his farm and it was delishhhh!! Nothing like my dads cooking!!
It's so great to hang with family!
This trip reassure how the distance can't break our bond, my family is very close no matter where we live.
One huge leasson I learned is that life is here and now!
On August, my uncle Victor was victim of a drunk driver who hit him while he was driving his bike.... It was an almost fatal accident that left him with a brain injury that he is slowly recovering from. Half his body is finally responding after therapy. He has lost his speech and won't be able to recover to a 100%. It's a miracle that he survived.
We managed to communicate. He understands what I said but can't talk back, he is limited to few sounds that he just constantly repeating as he tryes to "speak" but not pronouncing any word....
Right as I walk in his house I saw him in his wheelchair and a big smile was drawn in his face, he was soooo happy to see me (its been a year since I was there) and the first thing he pointed at was my belly :D he was extremely excited for me having a baby!! 
He is not the same from the outside... But he is a fighter and he will recover. Is all about perseverance.
Going to visit him was big for me.
Life can change any second and it will affect all who love us. It makes me happy to have the family I got, with great values and so bonded as we are. We are very positive about my uncle and we hope for his recuperation. Thank god he is alive!!

April 26
Today we took Sebastian, my nephew to get Baptize!! I am his god mother :)
I love this little boy!! Such a sweet boy :D!!

April 30
My next stop was Cusco!! Ohhh beautiful mountains of Peru!! I just love them!!
I visit Hayley, my Oregon gringa that now lives there!
It was great to see her, I enjoy her delicious breakfasts and talking about life!! She is a dear friend of mine, not too many like her, I am very lucky to have her.
We visited markets and walked around the plaza! Fun fun relax fun!!
I got a bunch of "treasures" as I call to all the beautiful materials that I gathered!!

May 5
Finally reunited with my "Amor" (love)
In Boca Raton, FL.
We enjoy the beach :D and I collected lots of sea shells!! Yuhuuuu!!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Breaking Records of Snow

It was about time that Ullr (Viking Awesome god of Snow) send us some fresh powder in massive quantities!!
Here are some pics of how awesome the town of Breckenridge looks with some much powder!!

That was yesterday!! And here are the ones from todayyyy!!

What an Epic Snow Storm!!!
And it keeps coming down :)
Too bad is in the middle if the week and I work during the day, but hey for my lucky friend "enjoy itttttt" "there is no friends on powder day =P"

Peace out!!

Alicia {Spicyheart}

Ps: the pics posted have not been manipulated by any means, it's all true Mother Nature!!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Hibernating mode a little...

Hopefully not for too long!! 
But ive been exhausted lately :/

For sure my mind did not rest!!
I have been dreaming of watercolors, which is the only media that I havent explore yet =P I think it will be fun!!

I just planned my trip to Peru in less than 2 months!! I will go with my mon this time and travel to the north to visit her side of the family!!! Can't wait!!! Maybe we will bond a little, it feels like we aren't as close as we use to be :/ weird!
Then I think I might go to Cusco and visit Hayleyyyy!! My gringa!!! :D I am really hoping someone wants to join if not ill go solo =P.

So before my hibernation of February.... I got some Inka Bohemuan necklaces done and ready for sale!!
This time I used my Sony Cibershot camera, instead of my iPod. The pictures came soooo much better that I dare myself to be lazy and use my blurry iPod lense :O.

In this pictures I did not use filters :).
The true colors of the Inka Bohemian just make me sight!! Soooo beautiful!!!

Have a great Sunday!!
Joey and I have some catching up to do on "Game of thrones" season 3!!!! =D =O
We finally got the netflix DVDs!! Yayyyy!!!

Alicia {Spicyheart}

Sunday, January 12, 2014

New year and new adventures

Happy 2014!!
I am starting this new year with a great positive energy! 
NYE was a new moon which encourage me to think about turning the page on 2013 and start fresh!!
If we had few bad moments is time to gain strength and start over! and be very grateful for what we got on 2013.
Hey! Not everything was sad....
Here few pics :D

Visiting my mom in California/Hiking beautiful scenes with my best friend Ale and my husband Joey/Trip to Peru, ruins and great energy/Party with old friends/family and family/Traveling with my best friend Regina/Meeting my first nephew!!!/coming back to Colorado and making my first Spicyheart jewelry party!/Our birthdays/Awesome friends/xmas & new years party!!

Phewwww soooo much fun 2013!!
The good things overcome the bad ones.... It made me stronger YES! So I am ready!!!

This year I want to focus on "shooting for the stars", "think big" and "to go to the infinite and beyond!" Haha! 
Can I find a word that says all that?
Yes!! I have to pick my work for 2014 :)

Since my favorite number is 7.... Does that mean this year is gonna bring double the fun and happiness!!! I really hope so!!

Great Vibes for y'all
Enjoy life!!

Alicia {SpicyHeart}