Saturday, December 7, 2013

You can call me BRAVE

I have to let you know that things are getting better!!! Yay!!! 
Feeling very proud of myself for keep up with "SpicyHeart".... Seriously before we met, my goals were always just not fulfill.... I mean, either I though I wasn't good enough or I just got discourage or maybe was scared to fail.
Wow!! Yeah I am accepting I am not perfect.... and right now I am taking a risk, I am following my heart and jumping in this new adventure. I am being brave!

Hey! If you are still reading this, let me thank you :)! Really, welcome to my little world.

"My life is walking the line that I colored in my world" {remember that little girl and the pink world?... ;)}

Well, so far Spicyheart is growing :) and I can stop sketching new ideas :D

I just wanted to share this little compilation of my beauties ^^

Follow your dreams!!

Alicia {SpicyHeart}

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