Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sweet Dreams

Hi, it's been a while....
I got a little distracted with work/work/marriage!
Finally, today I came back from my rainbow and hit ground.... Maybe a little to hard.

Life can be so hard on you sometimes.... Lift you so high to let you drop and follow the power of gravity.... And this time was the hardest one.

Maybe this dream of mine is not meant to skip few steps in my "list of dreams" in life....
Maybe I wasn't ready....
Or maybe is part of a plan....

The truth is I am empty.
And I hope to get this emptiness filled with the love that surrounds me. Because there is so much love around me. I'm lucky for that.

Sorry if I don't specified what happened but I need to spill out what's going true my mind. If you really read this or follow my Instagram you can tell this week I've been absent... I hope to get myself back to normal back to the routine.... Maybe this taught me something. I want to believe I can get something good from this pain.

Time always heals but memory is a deep scar. I have to learn to live with it. Your wings will protect me.

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