Thursday, December 5, 2013

Family Time

Joey and I just got back from New Hampshire :D. We went to celebrate thanksgiving with his family :) and brought Snoop with us. I really enjoyed it and it was a necessary break from life.
I had too much going on lately and this trip helped clear mind.

Here few pics of that trip!

I catched one pretty and intact leaf! I believe it was from a Maple tree.
There they actually get red during the fall, unlike Aspens that turn very bright yellow.
The weather was cold and Snoop still enjoyed his walks, my father in law loved taking him around :)

[Roadtrip] For Thanksgiving we went to Glenn's (brother-in-law) house in Charlestown, NH. We drove from Nashua to meet Joey's parents there. It was really nice and the food was yummy :) oh!! and the pies were the besssst part ^^

Something that I will never get over is the architecture! Those old buildings and churches.

One week of fun!
Of course we went out and party a little ;) and I went shoppingggg!!!

On the way back, we got a 5 hour delay.... Ahhhh Snoop was not stoked, but Joey called the airline and they comped us refunding the "dog in the cabin" fee ($125) yeah! Phew!!
Snoop got a little souvenir "Boston" the lobster! =D He is so gentle with this toy, I think he really likes it.

What a week!
Lots of fun moments!
Traveling with my kukis was awesome!!

Now back to the winter season and this tourist town :)
Can't wait to snowboard!!!

Stay Positive!

Alicia {SpicyHeart}

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