Friday, December 20, 2013

Time to share

Getting ready for the holidays!!
Here in Breckenridge, a small town in Colorado, the snow is coming down and it's starting to look like Christmas!!
This town is just so cute!! Winterland!!

This time of the year I will be working so much!! Lots of tourist filling the slopes during the day and the streets at night. It's not so bad, after 8 years I really really hope the holidays don't make me sad because I am so far away from my family. 
Really! Every year, at midnight I just get that weird knot in my through, Xmas use to be a big deal for me... Family together lots of memories, food and opening presents at midnight!!! (The peruvian tradition). 

Ok ok! You will think "but how about your new family!" Oh yeah!! :D I will make time to get our Xmas :D!! And yeah!! I will make new memories!! Lets be positive C'mon!! We just work different schedules, but I will make it special somehow, I promise!

So, with that said!
I hope you all have a Feliz Navidad!! and enjoy your family like I wish to do with mine!! Cherish every second! It's all fun!! 


Love to you all!!

Alicia {SpicyHeart}

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