Sunday, December 28, 2008

It's been few months, but im back :P
for the non readers. LOL!

Merry Christmas!!! to everybody :)

Sabes que? Kiero escribir en espanol!!!!!

El invierno en Colorado me esta matando! consumiendo! increiblementeeeeeeeeeee! Pero es bueno, en cierto modo esta es la epoca en la ke mas chamba hay! y si tengo chamba pronto ire a lima! yeh!! definitivamente necesito humedad limena y algo de gris :). La economia gringa no me esta afectando :P asi ke aun hay pa los frejoles! o frijoles..... :S uhm gran dilema. Aunke realmente ya no como los marrones :( nose porke! :S facil 9 meses chambeando en un restaurante mexicano medio ke me warmeO......

Bueno un pekeno post, ke tenga un anho nuevo increible!!!!!
Tomen un montón , pero les advierto la resaca del dia siguiente ya se imaginaran!!!!.... necesito tildes :S (teclado grengoooooo)


Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I got married!!! :)
Yes!!!! Im a wife!!!!
We went to saphire point, here in between breckenridge and keystone. Beatifull viewwwwwwww!!!!!!!
the weather was cooooold!!! ... brrrrrr brrrrr... but we wanted to make it real!!!

It was the happiest day of my life :) I love you josephhhhh (joey)

Work is getting busier, i just got promoted, good job alicia!!!!

OH!! Also, snoop won the pet calendar contest here at the summit county.
So we just got the calendar, :). He is getting sooo big!!!

Well.... thats all for now,
hope we get some more snow soon..... we need it!!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving for you all ^^

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Well, finally fall is here.
The trees are getting naked...
And we are getting ready for a lot of snow!!!

The other day we got some snow :) but wasnt enough to keep the mountains cover for more than 2 days. Actually, was snoop's first snow day so i took him out for a lil bit, he actually is not scare at all, he loooooves water.

The other day i finish the baby hat for Nadia, they love it!!! im happy. When i started i wasnt sure if it was going to end up good, but is all about been patient :P.
This is my first hat!!! I finished!!!
The pattern i used was on a book of Candi Jensen, "Crochet hats". It's a pretty good book, has 15 projects. Is not to expensive and you can buy new & used ones online.

The other day just exploring the net i found this awesome blog of a Denver store, i really want to go to check it out soon; its just 1 hour away from here. If you live in Denver dont hesitate on take a look at that one.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


This summer i started growing some flowers! All this started when a friend of mine, who is also peruvian, gave me a couple of orquids to take care of. She said to me that if i wanted to get a dog, first i needed to have a plant that survives for a while. So i was so excited and everyday i watered them :), because orquids have to be always wet.

I moved to Denver for the summer 2007 and then they didn't make it. I swear!!!! I took good care of them.... but Kelso, the cat that a friend gave me to cat sitting for "few weeks", and then never called back, EAT THEM!!! :( Yep.... my really beatiful and healthy orquids (RIP).....
She fed herself with them!!!!!!!!! :(
Bad cat!!!
Bad cat!!!.....

That was the begining.... so i got around May the ones in the picture and also one other kind :).

Kelso is gone, since way before we came to breckenridge :P [Joey and i moved back to breckenridge in january, its good to be back!]. No more plant killer. muahaha!

With all this i just wanted to show my first non alive flower! because i have the power :P... im a crocheter!! I just rediscovered, my mom gave me few lessons when i was 14 but i just wasnt all into.... Now, well.... there so much stuff you can make with different sizes of that awesome tool call: the hook.

So this is my first real post, Joey* help me with few mistakes, like i said before, my english is not the best. ;)

*JOEY, my boyfriend!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008


My new blog!! im really excited!!
i used to have other kind of spaces like fotolog
or even ones i have a blogdrive,
i found it ones and really surprise me!
i look so young!!!
:P was sooooo long time ago....

Well, here we go, a new blog!!
Hope you enjoy it ;)

Live is good in the high country :)

Cant wait for winter time!!! snow!!! snowboard!!!
quicksilver lift!!!! :P good times!!