Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Wine and Spicyheart

Last Wednesday August 28th, we gathered in a showroom/trunk show that I organized myself!
The location was at my neighbors appartment :) who gladly agree to let me use it while he was enjoying Aspen :).

At 6 o'clock the girls start to show up. Man! It was fun! Having people over and get to show them what I Love the most (after Joey and Snoop, of course) was very very heart filling. Specially, getting to hear what they think of my pieces. 

The Spicyheart party lasted for 4 hours. A bunch of people stopped by :). I sold a lot of jewelry!! 

The new Inka Bohemian Collection of necklaces was a hit!! The unique patterns had lots of compliments.
Hey! I am embracing my culture ;).
The other collection of Southwestern Inspire did well, I had a few necklaces with thunderbirds and carved bone beads from Santa Fe and arrows as well.

I hope to make more parties like this one. Great friends, great vibes!

After all, the  money that I collected that night was all donated for my uncle who suffer a bad accident and remains in a clinic slowly recuperating. Te quiero mucho tío Victor :).

BTW it was Magaly's Bday!! Happy Bday girl!! I know we don't live in the same city but I hope u had a great time ;)

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