Saturday, June 8, 2013

Reporting from Perú

Since is not that easy for me yo get WiFi, this blogging about my trip hasnt been like I expected.
So far....
Joey and I got to Lima, the capital of Perú around midnight. We party and socialized since we landed in Perú :/. During the day we visited my family. At night time we went to different places. My brother was in charge of showing us around. Partyyyy!!! Hehe....
We drank delicious Peruvian cocktails made with Pisco, a distillate of grapes. Very yummy!!!

Saturday we jump into a plane and flew to Cusco!! The Peruvian Mountains in the Cordillera de Los Andes.

My friend Hayley lives here and is the best! She helped a lot on planing this trip and getting the best deals ;)

We went Rafting on the Vilcanota River! It was class 3 so nothing too scary ;).
We visited the ruins close to Cuzco: Q'enko, PucaPucará, Tambo Machay and Sacsayhuaman. During the last trip we got rain on. But! We were almost done.
Unfortunately Joey felt a little sick so we went home so he can rest.

{this was written in Perú! I am back in Colorado but I'll continue with details of our trip and some pics!}

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