Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bring back the Tornasol mood!

        Sometimes I have the urge of getting some paper and draw what comes to my mind. I got this arrowhead with a tribal vibe. Man!! I need to make some time for more of this stuff in my life!

I happen to stumble upon and old blog, the one from the teenage times... Wow... It was very shocking to read and realize that sweet and very young girl full of energy and creativity was almost gone....
She "stayed in Peru" when I moved to the states in 2005.... But thanks to my internal soul searching I got to reconnect with her and bring back my roots my original self. 

Life can try to alienate you. Make you part of the mass.... But you have the power of realizing it and of your path goes against the current.... Well stay strong and pull as hard as you can.

Later Spicyheart pop-up on my mind and look what i found, the infinit symbol is there. Some now refer as YOLO {You only live once}. That give me a great idea for a new collection!!! So much that can be created. This is just the beginning!!!

I've been designing new wirejewelry that i hope to get ready for the end of the month. As well as more inkabohemian necklaces and the realease of "The Chakana" necklace (continuing with the Inka Collection).

Enjoy life
Sing a song
Jump in a new journey
Keep moving
Find Yourself
Re-find Yourself
Come back Tornasol!

Buenas Vibras!

Alicia {Spicyheart}

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