Sunday, November 24, 2013

Jumping back on THE horse!

I'm just saying...
My horse was parked behind because mi mind wanted to peek on other level.... But seems like I'm back on the horse and the original path is gonna continue its course.

I am trying something new!!!!
I can't tell u details because I am not sure if is a deal deal. I just put the cards on the table and hoped for the best!!

{great plans for my Spicyheart}

I've been finishing up my chakanas!!
Here a sneak peak ^^
Handcut and finishing up with some filing to make me smooth and prettier!
I got some sketches for new pieces for my Inka Bohemian Collection!!! Very exciting new jewelry!!!!

Thank god my horse did not run away!
I am back, are u ready for more!!!

C ya!

Alicia {SPICYheart}

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