Friday, December 6, 2013

Winter MY Paradise


"It's the most wonderful time of the year"
🎶 in Breck!!

Winter is here, the temperature is below cero!! Wuhuuuu!!! and the holidays are around the corner!!!

I've always love the holidays ;) maybe because they all come after the big celebration: My bday ;).... 
Yeah that was last month =P and I turned 28..... Aaaaahhhh!!! I am almost 30, unbelievable!!!

Once upon a time this little girl had so many dreams in this pink beautiful world. She always thought about her future and how she just wanted to get there and grow up and live to the fullest.
Life finally showed up and her world wasnt pink anymore. It was not how she planned.
But later she grabbed her own box of colors and she learned how to paint her world however she wanted it :) and fill her present with all the colors posible!!
Now she doesn't worry about the future anymore and enjoys her awesome now! {with you Joey}

;) te amo

Stay warm everybody ^^

Alicia {SpicyHeart}

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