Friday, December 20, 2013

Time to share

Getting ready for the holidays!!
Here in Breckenridge, a small town in Colorado, the snow is coming down and it's starting to look like Christmas!!
This town is just so cute!! Winterland!!

This time of the year I will be working so much!! Lots of tourist filling the slopes during the day and the streets at night. It's not so bad, after 8 years I really really hope the holidays don't make me sad because I am so far away from my family. 
Really! Every year, at midnight I just get that weird knot in my through, Xmas use to be a big deal for me... Family together lots of memories, food and opening presents at midnight!!! (The peruvian tradition). 

Ok ok! You will think "but how about your new family!" Oh yeah!! :D I will make time to get our Xmas :D!! And yeah!! I will make new memories!! Lets be positive C'mon!! We just work different schedules, but I will make it special somehow, I promise!

So, with that said!
I hope you all have a Feliz Navidad!! and enjoy your family like I wish to do with mine!! Cherish every second! It's all fun!! 


Love to you all!!

Alicia {SpicyHeart}

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Lost ones

It's been a while since someone introduced me to "The Doors". I got hooked!! 
Their music definitively was part of my life soundtrack during my late teens.... aaaand, of course, I had a crush on Jim! He was wiiiilllldddd!!! 
Today he would of turn 70 years old.... Happy birthday King Lizard! 
Crazy life he had, hey! He enjoyed to the fullest. We were lucky he left great records and some poems.
Someday I'll visit you in France ;)

I am not gonna lie, it took a while until I really got to learn more about this guy, John Lennon, but when I found him it touch my soul. I just think I avoid it... Don't ask me why because I really don't know myself. 
It's a sad day. 
Today some insane person decided he had to finish the life of such an icon.
....But his legacy will transcend! Not just because of his music but also because he was a rebel with a great cause!! Peace for the world! It may sound utopic.... But just "IMAGINE"

RIP guys.

<< A L I C I A >>

Saturday, December 7, 2013

You can call me BRAVE

I have to let you know that things are getting better!!! Yay!!! 
Feeling very proud of myself for keep up with "SpicyHeart".... Seriously before we met, my goals were always just not fulfill.... I mean, either I though I wasn't good enough or I just got discourage or maybe was scared to fail.
Wow!! Yeah I am accepting I am not perfect.... and right now I am taking a risk, I am following my heart and jumping in this new adventure. I am being brave!

Hey! If you are still reading this, let me thank you :)! Really, welcome to my little world.

"My life is walking the line that I colored in my world" {remember that little girl and the pink world?... ;)}

Well, so far Spicyheart is growing :) and I can stop sketching new ideas :D

I just wanted to share this little compilation of my beauties ^^

Follow your dreams!!

Alicia {SpicyHeart}

Friday, December 6, 2013

Winter MY Paradise


"It's the most wonderful time of the year"
🎶 in Breck!!

Winter is here, the temperature is below cero!! Wuhuuuu!!! and the holidays are around the corner!!!

I've always love the holidays ;) maybe because they all come after the big celebration: My bday ;).... 
Yeah that was last month =P and I turned 28..... Aaaaahhhh!!! I am almost 30, unbelievable!!!

Once upon a time this little girl had so many dreams in this pink beautiful world. She always thought about her future and how she just wanted to get there and grow up and live to the fullest.
Life finally showed up and her world wasnt pink anymore. It was not how she planned.
But later she grabbed her own box of colors and she learned how to paint her world however she wanted it :) and fill her present with all the colors posible!!
Now she doesn't worry about the future anymore and enjoys her awesome now! {with you Joey}

;) te amo

Stay warm everybody ^^

Alicia {SpicyHeart}

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Family Time

Joey and I just got back from New Hampshire :D. We went to celebrate thanksgiving with his family :) and brought Snoop with us. I really enjoyed it and it was a necessary break from life.
I had too much going on lately and this trip helped clear mind.

Here few pics of that trip!

I catched one pretty and intact leaf! I believe it was from a Maple tree.
There they actually get red during the fall, unlike Aspens that turn very bright yellow.
The weather was cold and Snoop still enjoyed his walks, my father in law loved taking him around :)

[Roadtrip] For Thanksgiving we went to Glenn's (brother-in-law) house in Charlestown, NH. We drove from Nashua to meet Joey's parents there. It was really nice and the food was yummy :) oh!! and the pies were the besssst part ^^

Something that I will never get over is the architecture! Those old buildings and churches.

One week of fun!
Of course we went out and party a little ;) and I went shoppingggg!!!

On the way back, we got a 5 hour delay.... Ahhhh Snoop was not stoked, but Joey called the airline and they comped us refunding the "dog in the cabin" fee ($125) yeah! Phew!!
Snoop got a little souvenir "Boston" the lobster! =D He is so gentle with this toy, I think he really likes it.

What a week!
Lots of fun moments!
Traveling with my kukis was awesome!!

Now back to the winter season and this tourist town :)
Can't wait to snowboard!!!

Stay Positive!

Alicia {SpicyHeart}