Sunday, December 8, 2013

Lost ones

It's been a while since someone introduced me to "The Doors". I got hooked!! 
Their music definitively was part of my life soundtrack during my late teens.... aaaand, of course, I had a crush on Jim! He was wiiiilllldddd!!! 
Today he would of turn 70 years old.... Happy birthday King Lizard! 
Crazy life he had, hey! He enjoyed to the fullest. We were lucky he left great records and some poems.
Someday I'll visit you in France ;)

I am not gonna lie, it took a while until I really got to learn more about this guy, John Lennon, but when I found him it touch my soul. I just think I avoid it... Don't ask me why because I really don't know myself. 
It's a sad day. 
Today some insane person decided he had to finish the life of such an icon.
....But his legacy will transcend! Not just because of his music but also because he was a rebel with a great cause!! Peace for the world! It may sound utopic.... But just "IMAGINE"

RIP guys.

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