Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Snow Snow Snow!!

Spring is not here :/ I'm very over with the white stuff..... Cuz I don't get to play in it.... The season is overrrrrrr!!!!

Two more weeks for our trip to Peruuuuu!!! South America get ready!!!
We are very excited to visit my hometown Lima to see my baby naphew that is only 6 days old!!! Later we will fly to Cuzco for some tourist timeeeee {{MachuPicchu}} and then the city where I was born Chiclayo :) where I have some family also.

So lets just be patient....

Work is very slow this time of the year.... BUT there is always something to do like place the orders for the summerrrrrr. I work in a biiiig souvenir shop and this is the perfect time to restock the shelves! when the tourist are gone... and Breckenridge is a ghost town.

In the mean time I will play with my beads, arrowheads and wireee!!! Lets get crafty!!

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