Thursday, October 17, 2013

Be Free Follow Your Journey

"For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others."
-Nelson Mandela

"Free the birds" asymmetrical earrings that come with a little store.

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When I designed this pair I had in mind freedom and the journey of my friend.

I met Ruben around 2002. He is a very interesting character and full of life. Super friendly and involved with the nature.
My friend Ruben loved to practice the art of CetrerĂ­a, in english is called Falconry or Hawking. This means raising birds of prey to hunt in their "natural environment". Basically he kept them tied by a rope so they wont escape and teach the to catch their own prey. Later they will be without a rope and listen to commands.

On my recent trip to Peru, I visited Chiclayo my city of birth! Ruben and I got to hang out and catch up with our far apart crazy lifes!! We haven't seen each other in years. But kept in touch online which is not the same.... Sometimes online conversations can be so vague.
So, he told me about this new journey of his. He realized he love the birds so much that it was so unfair to keep them in his house as pets. He realized the were   wild animals and they should be FREE!!  [like him I believe ;)]. And HE did free the birds!!

At the end of my visit to Chiclayo, he came to the terminal. I was taking a bus back to Lima. He brought a box with him and gave it to me saying "this is the last part of my release, in this box I have all the feather I collected naturally from the birds, I want you to have them and make something nice because you can". 
I was the happiest girl in the world!! Feather that ment something! That's the best souvenir from my trip!!

Aaaand that why creating this pair reminds me of this event. I am very grateful for Ruben and the path his life is taking. I am also grateful for our friendship :) he really rocks!! I consider him oneof my best friends. It doesn't matter that we live in different hemispheres. When we get together is like I saw him the day before. Friendship like that is eternally cherish!

Phew! This turn out to be a big post! 
Here is a pic of Ruben back in the day.

The lesson for me is that you pick your path in this world. Believe and follow what you truly feel. You got one chance to make your life worth something for yourself!

Enjoy life!

Alicia {Spicyheart}

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