Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Snow Snow Snow!!

Spring is not here :/ I'm very over with the white stuff..... Cuz I don't get to play in it.... The season is overrrrrrr!!!!

Two more weeks for our trip to Peruuuuu!!! South America get ready!!!
We are very excited to visit my hometown Lima to see my baby naphew that is only 6 days old!!! Later we will fly to Cuzco for some tourist timeeeee {{MachuPicchu}} and then the city where I was born Chiclayo :) where I have some family also.

So lets just be patient....

Work is very slow this time of the year.... BUT there is always something to do like place the orders for the summerrrrrr. I work in a biiiig souvenir shop and this is the perfect time to restock the shelves! when the tourist are gone... and Breckenridge is a ghost town.

In the mean time I will play with my beads, arrowheads and wireee!!! Lets get crafty!!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Looking for bigger things...

My word of the year is "Growing"
This tells part of why I picked this word:

Once someone told me when I was taking some art classes:

"Don't only focus on drawing on tiny canvases, Don't be afraid of big, try it.... You will be surprise of what you acomplish"

I think all my life I've been afraid of big things! And my art was limited because of that too....

Growing up was not easy.....
So much happened in my life...
Now that I'm a big girl I understand why? Life is all about that! Pushing for the big things!!

Did you ask yourself growing up... Why me!??
I was always told "This only happened to you because you are tough enough to push hard and overcome the situation"...... Well it was not easy!

I am who I am because of all the pushing! myself, my family, my dreams! they are all finally coming together!!!

At the beginning I admit i lost it. My path was unknown, forgotten.... I lost myself and I didn't know who i was anymore. My dreams were shuttered by myself, even that I blamed others.... I didn't listen to anybody. I was a "rebel" even with my old buried dreams. I didn't caaaare..... Life went on without path... Just work to survive, to keep you alive but not to "grow"..... That I called a dark time with myself. Until someone came and slowly brought me back! And the spark gave me a real reason to leave that stupid routine... I married that guy :)

The storm is over!
This girl is strong and ready to take over this world. I am now pushing myself.
Life teaches you so much!!
It makes you strong!!
It gives you the tools to go Big!!

So.... After all this :) here I am going big and trying something I thought I wouldn't even try....
SpicyHeart is making new BIG things!! Expanding and Growing with a collection of necklaces. I love making earrings and will keep making them but I am following what my teacher said and I will "try the big canvas". Lets see together what I will accomplish....

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Here some pics ;)
Let me know what do you think ;)

Friday, April 12, 2013

The swirly tulip.

Another day at work!
Woke up to a lot of snow!!! But headed to work and not the slopes =(.
Sunday is all over....
No more mountain and awesome snowboarding.... (A deep breath)

So! Here I got some beautiful new pieces of jewelry! Yes! I've been twisting and pounding wire and the different color tulips are hanging looking cute :). Let me know what do you think???

Oh yeah! If you want to see more pics of the Colorado life just go and check my Instagram (I'm kind of addicted to it) @spicyheart

Great vibes!

Alicia {spicyheart}

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Trying to keep up with blogging

Hi! Is been a good winter! The tourist are finally gone and working on retail is not very fun right now.... Seriously!! 8 hours and I only get to see 2 or 3 ppl per hour!!! If it wasn't for my IPod I will shoot myself!

So what's new!?
I joined the Apothecary Circle!! To be honest I did not expected to find so many ladies interested in the same stuff that I like!! Ok ok... I am not so big on healthy food but, Hey! I am trying!! Is all a about the first step! And I am in it to win some knowledge and get to meet new ppl!!!

Joey and I are planing a trip to Peru!!! So, may 7th we are flying to Miami and then Lima. Can't wait!!! I am very excited to show him where I grow up and my family and friends! This trip is definitely getting us closer. Not that we aren't! But he can understand more a out me and that psyches me!! There will be tones of pics!! We will also go to some touristy activities!! Machu Picchu is on the list!

My nephew Sebastian should be born in the next couple if weeks!!!! We are waiting for him with lots of love!!! My first nephew!! How awesome!!! I can't waitttt!!! Apparently I will be her godmother!!! Well, I am her only close aunt =P.

Oh well that's a good post for now!
I will keep it up. Promise!

Great vibes!