Saturday, May 10, 2014

Peru trip 2014

April 21


I'm very happy to be here.
Wish Joey was here enjoying the nice weather an delicious food!!
So far it's been great hanging with my family :) we are always joking around and laughing with each other or at each other!! Fun times!!
Besides that I visit few friends, it's very hard to get together this time of the year. Eastern week in Peru means a 4 day break, most of the people here take that time to go away from the city.... 
Tomorrow I will be flying to Chiclayo.
I will continue to enjoy the best food in the world!! Hopefully is sunnier than here in Lima (summer is pretty much over)

April 21-24

Chiclayo was the best!!
My dad cooked couple of ducks from his farm and it was delishhhh!! Nothing like my dads cooking!!
It's so great to hang with family!
This trip reassure how the distance can't break our bond, my family is very close no matter where we live.
One huge leasson I learned is that life is here and now!
On August, my uncle Victor was victim of a drunk driver who hit him while he was driving his bike.... It was an almost fatal accident that left him with a brain injury that he is slowly recovering from. Half his body is finally responding after therapy. He has lost his speech and won't be able to recover to a 100%. It's a miracle that he survived.
We managed to communicate. He understands what I said but can't talk back, he is limited to few sounds that he just constantly repeating as he tryes to "speak" but not pronouncing any word....
Right as I walk in his house I saw him in his wheelchair and a big smile was drawn in his face, he was soooo happy to see me (its been a year since I was there) and the first thing he pointed at was my belly :D he was extremely excited for me having a baby!! 
He is not the same from the outside... But he is a fighter and he will recover. Is all about perseverance.
Going to visit him was big for me.
Life can change any second and it will affect all who love us. It makes me happy to have the family I got, with great values and so bonded as we are. We are very positive about my uncle and we hope for his recuperation. Thank god he is alive!!

April 26
Today we took Sebastian, my nephew to get Baptize!! I am his god mother :)
I love this little boy!! Such a sweet boy :D!!

April 30
My next stop was Cusco!! Ohhh beautiful mountains of Peru!! I just love them!!
I visit Hayley, my Oregon gringa that now lives there!
It was great to see her, I enjoy her delicious breakfasts and talking about life!! She is a dear friend of mine, not too many like her, I am very lucky to have her.
We visited markets and walked around the plaza! Fun fun relax fun!!
I got a bunch of "treasures" as I call to all the beautiful materials that I gathered!!

May 5
Finally reunited with my "Amor" (love)
In Boca Raton, FL.
We enjoy the beach :D and I collected lots of sea shells!! Yuhuuuu!!

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