Sunday, January 12, 2014

New year and new adventures

Happy 2014!!
I am starting this new year with a great positive energy! 
NYE was a new moon which encourage me to think about turning the page on 2013 and start fresh!!
If we had few bad moments is time to gain strength and start over! and be very grateful for what we got on 2013.
Hey! Not everything was sad....
Here few pics :D

Visiting my mom in California/Hiking beautiful scenes with my best friend Ale and my husband Joey/Trip to Peru, ruins and great energy/Party with old friends/family and family/Traveling with my best friend Regina/Meeting my first nephew!!!/coming back to Colorado and making my first Spicyheart jewelry party!/Our birthdays/Awesome friends/xmas & new years party!!

Phewwww soooo much fun 2013!!
The good things overcome the bad ones.... It made me stronger YES! So I am ready!!!

This year I want to focus on "shooting for the stars", "think big" and "to go to the infinite and beyond!" Haha! 
Can I find a word that says all that?
Yes!! I have to pick my work for 2014 :)

Since my favorite number is 7.... Does that mean this year is gonna bring double the fun and happiness!!! I really hope so!!

Great Vibes for y'all
Enjoy life!!

Alicia {SpicyHeart}

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