Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Vacations are over,
and after going to Nashua to visit Joey's family and party @ Mike's and Stephs wedding, I am ready for work time. Yes!! but not just @ the store.... OH! NO! I've been working on some new jewelry!!!
wup wup!!

Playing with wire and my magic tools i create some of this pieces.
Here a sneak pick PIC!


What do you think???

...WINTER IS BACK and with it more inspiration!!!
I think every season gets me going, with new designs and accessories.
Today i read the blog of Laura who owns VioletBella. Let me tell you i Love Love her stuff!!! Actually it motivates me a LOT! I think i can keep going with this dream of mine, called S P I C Y H E A R T.

Hopefully i get some time to make more {SPICYHEART}, is been really nice, during this fall i made sooooo much jewelry!!!

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