Thursday, April 29, 2010

2010..... 4 months of a big nap.... now i am READY! lots of plans!!

Im working on some new jewelry... oh yeah i guess i never talk about my addiction to learn new stuff :)! Well.... this time is all about wire and tools and hammering :). A friend of mine makes some ceramic beads!!! (she is all into pottery) and i've been using them to create new pieces. Hopefully all this works out and we make a lot of goodies! specially during this coming mud season... seems like there is not gonna be that many ppl here in town, so when the sun shown we will have everything readyyyyyyyyy!!!

I cant believe LOST is almost over!!!!!
After all this seasons!! :( its gonna be sad! Joey and i have to look for another tv show!
I mean... we are on top of every show! Weeds, Entourage, Dexter (OMG! the serial killer one is awesome), Heroes.... :) seriously! we should star searching for new stuff. Not that netflix doesnt work, but is cool to get extended stories.

So, hard work is coming :) 40 hours a week in the store will be alright.
The rest of the time, either we go hiking or biking or i will be sitting in my living room making jewelry :). IT'S ON!!!! Im ready for this 2010.

JUNE will be the month of coming back..... im visiting Peru after 4 1/2 years!!!
i cant beleive how time flies by..... I will c lots of friends and my family.... it will b interesting.
Of course i will take advantage of the 15 days. Maybe get new material!

:) im happy
hope u 2.

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