Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Well, finally fall is here.
The trees are getting naked...
And we are getting ready for a lot of snow!!!

The other day we got some snow :) but wasnt enough to keep the mountains cover for more than 2 days. Actually, was snoop's first snow day so i took him out for a lil bit, he actually is not scare at all, he loooooves water.

The other day i finish the baby hat for Nadia, they love it!!! im happy. When i started i wasnt sure if it was going to end up good, but is all about been patient :P.
This is my first hat!!! I finished!!!
The pattern i used was on a book of Candi Jensen, "Crochet hats". It's a pretty good book, has 15 projects. Is not to expensive and you can buy new & used ones online.

The other day just exploring the net i found this awesome blog of a Denver store, i really want to go to check it out soon; its just 1 hour away from here. If you live in Denver dont hesitate on take a look at that one.

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